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Psykoterapiapalvelu Meidän Matka

In English

Sometimes life leads us to situations where the burden is too heavy to carry on our own. Interaction between family members, or between a couple, may be difficult and lead to continuing arguments. Someone in a family may suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorder or some other mental health issues. Psychotherapy is an effective way to improve relationships in a family and increase understanding between family members. Sometimes things can be solved by a few sessions, sometimes it takes several years' journey to reach the goal.

Psykoterapiapalvelu Meidän Matka offers therapy services also in English. Psychotherapy can be individual-, couple- or family therapy. In couple- or family therapy, it is desirable that all participants in therapy sessions speak english.

I have got a so-called KELA-qualification to couple- and family therapy. It means that You can get financial support for therapy from KELA if someone in your family (at least 16 years old) has a psychiatric diagnosis and has met a psychiatrist at least twice.

I have a degree in psychotherapy from Oulu University, I gratuated in 2017.  Before that I have worked for 14 years as a public health nurse. I have been privileged to meet many wonderful families and get inside into varying situations in their lives. For the last couple of years I have been working with young people with mental health issues.

If  you think that we could start working together to make things better, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail or by telephone +358405623368.

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